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ニセコなだれ情報第01号 Niseko Avalanche Info No.01
Niseko base 6am: -6, 15cm of crystal snow. Calm morning with no development of snowdrifts. Moiwa 600m: -7, 20cm and light development of snowdrifts. Coastal data: NW16m/s at Benkei cape. Anupuri 1000m: -10, 1.2m snowpack, light snow. Peak data not available.
Light snowfall and mild wind has continued under moderate winter weather pattern. Out of bounds area is still full of small trees and sasa-bamboo and not ready for riding. Still a few dumps needed. Gates will be kept closed for a while.
Slides from Dec 10th layer are to be expected in steep spots under lift-lines. A small avalanche can easily bury a person at the bottom. Please do not ski under the lifts.
Beware of hitting trees and ruin the season.

Streams are still not fully buried, be careful not to fall in and freeze.
This information is made for the safety of all resort users.
The snow is excellent today.
Have a great season. 
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